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Waste trim collection saves costs

A leading manufacturer of inkjet photographic paper has over recent years adapted its production to cater for changing market conditions and future demand. A feature of these changes was to consolidate some production facilities into one building.

However it continued to use a 50 year old waste trim collection plant that was originally designed for much greater capacity that what is now needed. To overcome this issue and after a protracted project consultation period, IDC were contracted to install two individual waste paper trim separation/collection systems that were convenient to the source of the waste trim from production lines.

The work had to be done in a tight time schedule without significant loss of production. One system combines a 22kw Radial fan with a trim separator located on a steelwork support structure. The waste is fed into a waste compaction unit that in turn feeds it into a “roll in roll out skip” facility. This enabled the client to cease using the central waste collection system that was very expensive to run with high energy consumption and a virtual constant requirement for maintenance.

The site Project Manager states that they now “have greatly reduced energy consumption and waste collection systems fit for purpose to meet current and future production demands”.

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